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Science Experiment with Parikshet Ep 05| Magic Milk| Fun with Science

Welcome to the World of Science and Magic.
Today we are not only going to learn about science but also a magic trick.
How? ??????
Don’t stress out. Checkout the easier version and you can be scientist too??

The videos are very easy and are done using the household items. This is an easy DIY science experiments which can help your kids to develop their interest towards science.

The ingredients used to perform this experiment are listed below:
1. A Plate with Milk
2. Liquid Soap
3. Ear Buds
4. Food Colour.

With love from Parikshet ❣️. He loves to do these fun science experiments and wants all the little scientists to learn and have fun with him. So, what are you waiting for?
Learn Science Experiment with Parikshet.

In this video, you will find very easy steps of drawing that can
be done quickly. The steps are shown with pure drawing expertise that
will not only help to draw perfectly but also the methods will be beneficial
for the future as well. Explaining complicated drawings in an easy way
with practical examples is where we focus the most. It will ultimately
increase your kid’s curiosity and your kid will be interested to learn more.

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See Ya!


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