This was my second trip to Maldives and trust me friends I enjoyed every bit of it. Maldives as always is beautiful and nothing less than a paradise.

A lot of people ask me, why the second time? I say to myself when would be my third time to Maldives.

I am in love with this place.

Having Vacation in Maldives is always fun. Maldives Trip from India at Finolhu Maldives. Maldives Visit is a must and everyone should be there.

If you ask me How is Maldives, then you are only going to hear one word. Its Amazingg.

00.00 Google map location of Maldives Airport
0:11 Intro
0:14 Day1
0:17 Start at Bengaluru Airport (Breakfast)
0.34 Waiting at Finolhu lounge for seaplane
0:56 Seaplane journey
1:24 Resort room tour
3:07 Spotted dolphins
4:43 Day 2, Pool time at the common pool
5:04 Lunch at resort
6:59 Day 3, Penguin safari
8:11 Birthday party invitation
9:06 Birthday party
10:19 Fireworks show
11:23 Moved to Over Water Pool Villa
12:02 Over Water Pool Villa room tour
14:02 Lunch at Crabshack
14:35 Stay at Bubble Tent
15:22 Bubble tent tour
16:05 Night show with fireworks
16:28 Day 5, Breakfast
16:58 Pool volley at Resort
18:07 Night dance show
18:54 Day 6, last day at the resort
20:24 Waiting for a seaplane to return



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